Longevity Partnership Fund Pledge

I want to place monies into the Longevity Partnership Fund escrow account.

I understand that no monies will be disbursed from this escrow account until I receive a business proposal so that I can understand the financial terms and underlying science of the human clinical trial.

I also understand that no funds will be disbursed until I agree to the terms of a specific business proposal.

I also understand that any and all funds that I place in the escrow account are fully refundable to me at any time.

Please send me the documents so I can execute my pledge to the Longevity Partnership Fund escrow account.

Please review the below documents if you are interested in investing.

Investor Presentation

Download Document Here

Escrow Agreement

Download Document Here

Potential Investment Agreement

Download Document Here

If you have any questions regarding these documents, please email info@RescueElders.org.