The Young Blood Institute

The Young Blood Institute, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, is currently (2018) initiating an age-reversal study in Florida and across the U.S., based on the premise that there are pro-aging factors such as autoantibodies, inflammation, T cell disorders, and misfolded proteins in the blood of elderly people which cause immunosenescence and neurodegenerative decline. If these inhibitory factors are removed and replaced with rejuvenating factors, age-reversal effects such as immune system restoration, reduction of chronic inflammation, and anti-oxidant rich blood might reasonably be expected.

To measure clinical trial outcome, the Young Blood Institute has developed one of the most extensive scientific biomarker panels in human medical history, including over 100 ultra-sensitive biomarkers utilizing technologies such as Time-of-Flight Mass Cytometry, Digital ELISA, and Mass Spectrometry. Young Blood Institute designed these ultra-sensitive biomarkers for early detection of age-associated disorders at the cellular level and small protein levels up to 3,000 times more sensitive than conventional blood tests.

You can read more about pro-aging blood factor research at the Young Blood Institute’s web page about this topic, here.

You can also read about their protocol on their Program Page.